A New Day With Susan

With Host Susan Yockey

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Host Susan Yockey

A New Day With Susan with Your Host,  Susan Yockey

usan​ is a Transformation & Mindset Coach & Speaker​ she is an advocate for
Social Justice issues, Youth at Risk and Suicide prevention a Board member as VMP of
Moms Club of Helena, Member of Mops International & Women’s Leadership Network &
Assists for Landmark Worldwide programs.
Susan has dedicated​ herself to healing her past and rewriting her future. Overcoming
trauma, addiction, physical dis-eases, broken relationships, homelessness and
powerfully works through daily limiting beliefs, fears and old patterns using the tools,
strategies she has learned and learns regularly.
Her purpose ​is to use listening, communication and compassion to empower & inspire
people of all walks of life to live a life FREE from the constraints of their past, to live a
life of being healthy, fit and fully self expressed freeing them to live a life of unlimited
possibilities and with peace of mind.
Her mission​ is to eradicate generational poverty. By helping Millions of people heal
their past, through radical forgiveness, compassion for one’s self and others, they too
can create and rewrite their future, one that creates passion and purpose, with intention
on fulfilling their truest desires in ALL areas of their life.
Susan’s vision​ for the world is that we can all wake up and live the life of our own
design and with Integrity, that is not predictable based from a past of disfunction, trauma
or how the world says we should live our life. A life of our own creation. That we are all
deeply connected as one with Spirit. Everyone is responsible for their own choices.
Creating everlasting Freedom, Peace, Love & Affinity and Personal power and raise our
children consciously.

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