Jake Ryan

Made In Montana Music

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Jake Ryan, The Space Cowboy, is an out of this world entertainer! Based in Montana. He produces Hip Hop, Country, Rock & EDM.

Working with artists such as ILLUMNI's Illest Uminati & Overtime. SLUMERICAN's Bubba Sparxxxx, SHADY MUSIC's Astray & more!

In early life, He picked up a guitar at age 15 and soon started a band. He began writing songs & performing live. He also learned to record, produce instrumental beats & DJ. Eventually, he started expanding & touring the nation. Offering a unique live show, complete with a light show & visuals!

He also writes scripts, films, directs, edits & acts in movies, music videos, skits & vlogs. 

As well as doing some photography & graphic design.


"The Forever Motel" - 2012

"Country Folk" - 2013

"Space Cowboy" - 2015

"Gangster of Love" - 2017

"Space Cowboy 2222" - 2017


"Tales from the Trypz: Volume 1" - 2016tp://zwww.mixtapefactory.com/mixtape.php?tape=120515#.WbuPmNFryM8

"Tales from the Trypz: Volume 2" - 2017